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Pet Health Plan RE-LAUNCH


We are pleased to re-launch our popular Pet Health Plan for 2022, after re-evaluating what we can give for the best value for money we have made some changes to the pricing structures and what is included. Best of all, we are including free home delivery of preventative treatments directly to your door for those pets aged over 9 months old (so they are of a stable weight). Not only does this mean you will never miss your pets allocations, it also means we are saving you those extra trips to the practice!

Dog plans now include the kennel cough vaccine, and we have altered the weight bands of the plan to tie in with the brand new flea/tick and worming preventions we are introducing so they are tailored to each product. We have also added in extra nail clips to the plans as well.

You will continue to receive the best products available for keeping your pets happy, and healthy with regular checks, vaccinations and preventative treatments whilst saving money and spreading the cost.

We have retained the 10% off all treatment and foods to ensure you continuing to receive premium offers.