Pet Health Plan

How would you like to spread the cost and save as much as £200, depending on your pet, each year?

Our Pet Health Plan can help you to do just that! It is a pay monthly scheme in which your yearly preventative health treatments are included, as well as a bonus health check, nail clips and 5% off any product or service you have from us. We are also throwing in free home delivery on the preventative treatments so you do not even need to venture into the practice to collect (pet must be over 9 months old and be a stable weight for this feature).

Pet Health Plan is the perfect way to spread to cost of essential treatments for your pet, whilst benefiting from prescription strength products, additional discounts and, ultimately, peach of mind that you are responsible for your pet receiving the best level of care.

Let your pet enjoy life to the full by providing the best preventative health care you can:

  • Making sure their vaccinations are up to date will safeguard them against disease and serious infections.
  • Regular flea, tick and worming treatments will make sure your beloved pet is free from parasites and helps to prevent flea infestations happening in your home.
  • Your pet’s health checks will make sure you are given the best advice on a regular basis and could mean any potential problems are ironed out before they start becoming more serious.

Connaught House’s Pet Health Plan includes:

  • Annual vaccination and health check.
  • Annual supply of flea/tick & worming control (annual supply of flystrike prevention for rabbits)
  • Free delivery on the preventative treatments (for animals over the age of 9 months old)
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination for dogs
  • 6 monthly nurse health check
  • Nail clips
  • Urine test
  • 5% off EVERYTHING else (medication, procedures, food etc)

Please note: For a puppy or kitten’s first vaccination course, both vaccinations are included in the price of the plan. If an adult dog or cat needs to restart their vaccination course for any reason, only one of the two vaccinations are included in the cost of your Pet Health Plan and the other will need to be paid for in full at the time of the appointment.

These amazing benefits speak for themselves:

  • Save money on all preventative treatments.
  • Spreads the cost in easy monthly payments.
  • Prescription strength products.
  • Three months supply of treatment delivered to your home at a time.
  • Professional advice at regular health checks.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Goodie bag on sign up with essential information and complimentary items for your pet!

Signing up is easy and takes a matter of minutes; simply speak to reception and either fill out a short form or register online then we will do the rest! Once set up, you can receive 10% off whatever you have had from us that day, whether it be a consultation or a bag of food AND you can walk out of the door with your first 3 months flea/tick/worming prevention! You can even choose your direct debit date, so the payments are made at a time to suit you.

If you require any more information then please enquire at reception next time you are in, call us (01902 424725) or e-mail us ( and we will be happy to help!