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Talk About Laminitis

Talk About Laminitis (TAL) is the disease awareness initiative from Boehringer.

Talk About Laminitis (TAL), the disease awareness initiative from Boehringer, is continuing to raise recognition of the link between Laminitis and Equine Cushing’s Disease (PPID).

Between 1st June and 31st October 2016 TAL are offering a free lab fee voucher for the basal ACTH test used in diagnosing Cushing’s*. If you are worried about the underlying cause of recurrent laminitis or your horse/pony is showing any other clinical signs of PPID please download the voucher from and call the practice on 01902424725 to book in your visit with Sue, Andy or Gayle!

*Valid for 1st time tests only, visit (but does fall into our reduced fee Zone visits)/blood sampling fees and P&P charges still apply. Please see website for full terms and conditions